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The first real saucer sightings, from the first to the events that led to the most important saucer sighting

I rented from the public library "Angles and Aliens: UFO's and the mythic imigination" by Keith Thompson
So far from what I read it was pretty interesting, and it was just the prologue and the introduction to the chapters.  I have a feeling this will bring alot of insite to my little research.  Here we go...
Kenneth Arnold was the most famous saucer sighting, Happening in 1947, Pendleton Oregon June 25th.  He said he saw 9 flying saucers and clocked them at 1,200 miles an hour skipping along the surface of earth like rocks on water.  He was "well-regarded citizen- rescue pilot, businessman, and deputy sheriff."  Soon after others came out with stories, feeling that Arnold led the way for them to speak about their happenings.  Most turned out to be completely fake, making Arnold's accounts seem the same as well.

Although one of the most publicized it was not the first sighting reported, it was actually in Sweden and Finland the previous year in 1946 but were said to be a secrete weapon development with the Germans.

Between November 1896 and May 1897 thousands saw dirigible like objects in the western and mid western states, however it was 5 years prior to the Wright brothers first flight...

The whole point being that even though a century earlier there were sightings it wasn't enough to get the public really rallying about UFO stuff.  I'm assuming that because regular brodcast television began the same year in 1946.  There needed to be a way for the public to find out quicker... 
I googled what happened in the year 1946, get a load of this.  Prior events to Arnolds accounts
-Janurary: First United Nations meeting, Project Diana happened (we bounced radar waves off the moon) which started the space age, the UN Security council has its first meeting, the CIA is established.
-May- the First V2 rocket was launched in White Sands
-July- nuclear testing, first underwater testing of the atom bomb
-August- Atomic Energy Commission is established
-October- first UN meeting is held
-Janurary- First publicized US congress proceedings, the SPC was founded "The Secretariat of the Pacific Community, or SPC (sometimes Pacific Community), is a regional intergovernmental organisation whose membership includes both nations and territories. It aims to "develop the technical, professional, scientific, research, planning and management capability of Pacific Island people and directly provide information and advice, to enable them to make informed decisions about their future development and well-being"
-Feburary- Metor crashes in the soviet union, Voice of America begins to transmit radio brodcasts, US army sends the first animals into outter space, the International Civil Aviation Orginization is established
-May-Truman doctrine is signed to help stop the communist,
-June-Seaman Harold Dahl claims to have seen six UFOs near Maury Island in Puget Sound, Washington. On the next morning, Dahl reports the first modern so-called "Men in Black" encounter,

then leads us to Arnolds sightings...

July-July 7 – A supposedly downed extraterrestrial spacecraft is reportedly found in the Roswell UFO incident, near Roswell, New Mexico, which was written about by Stanton T. Friedman.
July 26Cold War: U.S. President Harry S. Truman signs the National Security Act of 1947 into law, creating the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the National Security Council.

This research took hours lol of reading... I'm done for today...
But how strange the events happened, like they planned in advanced for the events...
I don't know what my conclusions are yet but I only read 3 pages of the book and had to do so much other research, that was alot!

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Some Basic Information and rough draft into my up coming research...Thank you Cha Cha

Obviously we need to dive into this Sumarian stuff, Fallen Angels, Religion Vs. Aliens, and our somewhat recent claims from the Catholic Church.

"When fallen angels shape-shift into a human form, they can have intercourse but not without some aberrant genetic changes. The union of these beasts with humans produced children that were different in many ways. The first apparent difference was that they developed giantism"
I'm assuming thats why people always associate giants with gods... a silly relation would be in 300 lol remember that giant dude??? lol with all the piercings and makeup?
"According to the Bible, the Book of Enoch, Jubilees, Jasher, and Testimony of the Twelve Patriarchs, they rebelled against God and attempted to enslave the whole world and provoke God. According to the Book of Jasher, they not only tweaked with the D.N.A. of mankind but also with the animals. They may have produced such beasts as the Pegasus, Minotaur, the unicorn, and the dinosaurs."
"All along, the abductions of humans breeding experiments was to perfect the ultimate breed, half man, half alien to produce Satan incarnate in man. And they have it now, and they have Mabus waiting for his cue to descend to earth."

Some basic information on Falling Angels
I liked this passage until it was said tha God talked to him/her... Hmm... Lets read on
"These Aliens are not ascended masters, or enlightened ones, or beings from galaxies millions of miles away, nor are they our forefathers or original creators. They are fallen angels who were kicked out of heaven for their rebellion against the headship of God, and they believe they have one last chance to try to usurp His authority"

"What most people do not realize is that  the rebellion of Satan's, leading 1/3 of the angels to try to usurp God's authority, and the rebellion of the Watchers are two separate events."

1. The Watcher's were not a part of  Satan's rebellion; they created their own rebellion against God by deciding to leave their first estate which was heaven, and go to the earth to cohabitate with human women
A number of catalysts have been proposed to explain the rebellion of Satan. All of them essentially stem from his pride, via various means. The possible means suggested include:

Led to nowhere

Originally it was this site that made me want to write this blog...
What the hell is the Oz Factor, then what the fuck is a UFOlogist?
However this site looks unreliable so I will continue on those two and expand from there on i guess more trustworthy sites.
How it works, the Oz Factor
Ok that site did nothing...
got nowhere fast....
An example of the Oz Factor at action can be seen in the following Sheffield, UK case of March 1979. The witness, a thirty-two-year-old assistant in a local hospital had gone to make a phone call from a near box and was chatting to a man who lived locally, when “a grey disc with a dome on top appeared over the fish-and-chip shop. Inside, through a transparent window, they could see two figures who were staring down… The entire area was unusually quiet, and both witnesses had a fine view…Not a single car passed by during the encounter-which was considered very odd but which is a classic feature of the “Oz Factor”. Following the UFO sighting the woman began to experience psychic phenomena, including noises and objects moving about in her house on their own, and saw an apparition of her dead husband.”
I'm going to have to read the book... Jenny Randles "Oz Factor"
Time to take a brake, this always leads me to ailens and I'm getting sick of it lol
Till tomorrow

The 4th Kind Spoof

Amanda decided to do this stupid research on The Forth Kind, If you saw the movie it was very moving and somewhat scary.   Again getting back to the "stupid" part, ITS ALL FAKE.

Yup the entire thing except for the end credits, Universal Pictures decided to put fake websites up and make up all these eye witness accounts and fake interviews, videos, and people.  They had me fooled. 
So that brings me to my next question.
How can you determine fake eyewitness accounts...

Evidence Against aliens


Most UFO photos that are taken at night are of Aircraft. The people who have taken the photo will usually swear blind that it was not an aircraft from Earth. Surprisingly they become stubborn and will refuse to believe that this was not a UFO. It appears that if someone believes they have seen a UFO they will be proud of it and boast about it. They like the fact that no one else has seen a UFO and will maybe start to exaggerate what actually happened.

Evidence Against Aliens

How to know fake photos from real ones?

Ahh UFO photos, the easiest thing to fake in the whole world. Thousands of photos of UFO's have turned out to be fakes. The UFO may be a balloon, a model or a computer created image, they are all easy to do. Although there is also the genuine mistakes when the photo may not be a fake but the person who took it genuinely believed it was a UFO. People mistake planes for UFO's, birds, balloons and sometimes even clouds. This photo has been proved to be a balloon although it may look like something else.

Evidence Against Aliens


Unfortunately there are allot of tricksters out there. They will make you believe that you are seeing a UFO but it will just be a small hot air balloon or a balloon with a light inside it. Some people have phoned the police and wasted their time because off these tricks.

Evidence Against Aliens

Astronomical Events

Astronomical Events such as the northern lights, meteor showers or comets have been known to fool many people into believing they have seen a UFO. Comets have been the cause of mass UFO sightings. Many people will report seeing a UFO slowly move across the sky with a tail behind it. Also in an unfortunate case 20- 30 people killed themselves in a cult suicide, they did this because they believed there was UFO behind the shoemaker comet and their souls would go up to it when they died. 
Meteor showers can also cause people to believe they are viewing many UFOs in the sky. Well they are wrong. They are just small pieces of rock bouncing of the Earths atmosphere or burning up with atmospheric friction, that's it, nothing else too it.
Clouds have also been known to fool people into thinking they are UFO's. As you know the sun never goes it just goes out of view due to the Earth turning. Well if clouds are high enough they can still be lighted up by the sun. If you were to view these clouds at night when they stand out they will appear to be a glowing object. These clouds are called lenticular and tend to form in a round shape . Noctiluscent clouds also tend to form high up in the atmosphere and be made up of ice particles and debris. The ice particles reflect the sunlight causing the cloud to appear to glow. 
Ball lightning has also caused people to believe they are seeing UFO's. Ball lighting is very rare and Scientists are still not sure if it exists. They have been known to go inside houses and hit a wall and disappear. Could these be another thing that 'looks' like a UFO.

All information provided by

Hmm... There is alot of talk about faking a alien invasion in 2012.  I will do some more research on that later... I will close this blog on Aliens, and move to Time Travel Subjects.

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My basic findings through the internet

There is no purpose to this blog, this is simply my documented journey to Visualize my findings of the Truth.  I have always watched the History, Nat Geo, and Discovery Channels and I am convinced of the following.  Aliens are humans that came from the future to the past that: messed things up, gave us rough drafts to the future letting us invent and discover new theories, left their mark on our past ancient civilizations.

This is a blog of my discoveries, I will do my best to make sure that these are credible scientists, videos, articles, books...

New Zealand

Fact: these people could be crazy, however the evidence is there.
Opinion: I need to see the evidence for a further analysis

Following the sightings, the Royal New Zealand Air Force, the police and the Carter Observatory in Wellington cooperated in an investigation, the results of which were stamped Top Secret[verification needed] and lodged in the National Archives in Wellington. The New Zealand Ministry of Defence attributed the sightings to lights from squid boats reflected off clouds, unburned meteors, or lights from the planet Venus or trains and cars

First known top secrete document was used in 1944- This is the highest security level that if publicly disclosed would cause "exceptionally grave damage" to national security.

When I typed in the google machine "first top secret documents released", most of what came up was on UFO's

I shall continue more information through out... well until someone calls me crazy.